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Accident Related Injuries

Everything you need to know

Accident-related injuries are physical harm or harm to health that occurs as a result of an unexpected or unplanned event. These accidents can happen in various situations, such as motor crashes, sports, and slips and falls. Accidents can cause pain, discomfort, and disruption to a person’s normal daily life, and they may require medical attention and recovery time to heal properly.

Motor Vehicle Injuries


Ortho Spine Life has been a leader in motor vehicle accident recovery since 2009. We are an orthopedic, spine, and injury practice that specializes in helping patients who have been injured in an auto accident and other accident-related injuries rehab from their injuries and return to full function. Our practice features a team of specialists who are highly qualified to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries.

If you have recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, speak to our Accident Injury Recovery Specialists today and schedule a consultation so we can help you get the immediate treatment you need to put you on the path to long-term recovery.


Learning about the who, when, and why are key elements for any successful accident injury recovery.  For expert auto accident injury treatment, you can count on the caring professionals at Ortho Spine Life.


Auto collision victims are often received from urgent care or emergency room settings. Being flexible is important with scheduling and intake. Our providers are experienced in the management of medical record review, patient triage, and coordination of care. We use a multidisciplinary approach and tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your individual recovery needs. From onsite radiographs, diagnostic testing, and therapy, our medical providers have the advantage you need to receive prompt care.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident call our Accident Injury Recovery Specialists at Ortho Spine life now to receive treatment immediately.

Sports Injuries


Managing sports injuries falls into a broad category that starts with prevention, evaluation, surgical and nonsurgical treatment, and rehabilitation of all sports related injuries.

From walking your little dog Ace or playing a friendly game of pickup, sports injuries can occur in anyone at any time.  Our job at Ortho Spine Life is getting you back into the games and activities that you enjoy while doing it in the most pleasant, effective way possible.


We have a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in injury recovery.  We use this multidisciplinary experience to implement what we know works and avoid the things that will slow you down.  Therapy is done onsite under the watchful eye of your medical doctor which makes managing your recovery easier. 

See why Ortho Spine Life has been the choice of athletes from all walks of life since our founding in 2009. Our Accident Injury Recovery Specialists are available to assist you now.

Slip and Fall Injuries


Injuries can happen when you least expect them.  Knowing where, who, and how to be treated can make all the difference in the world.  From spinal injuries to ligament sprains, Ortho Spine Life is Atlanta’s premier medical team for the treatment of all injuries. 


In addition to working with outside providers such as chiropractors and neurologists we provide onsite diagnostic testing and comprehensive rehabilitation to ensure full recovery.  Our staff is dedicated to providing you a first in class experience through the duration of your care.

If you or someone you know has been injured and needs prompt, expertly tailored medical attention call our dedicated Accident Injury Recovery Specialists at Ortho Spine Life now.

Spinal Injuries


Spinal injuries can occur from numerous causes including but not limited to lifting, bending, sports, work-related, and accidents.  Thankfully, the team at Ortho Spine Life has the experience, expertise, and know-how to treat your spinal injury no matter the cause. 


We offer comprehensive assessments, treatment, and planning for the complete recovery of spinal injuries using the latest and proven methods known today.  Physical therapy may be performed onsite or we can coordinate with current therapists to reach your goals.  When rehabilitation is slowed by pain our spinal specialists take a thoughtful approach at advising both minimally invasive and advanced surgical procedures to aid in your recovery.

Whether you are suffering from a neck or back injury, call our Accident Injury Recovery Specialists today to see how Ortho Spine Life can help you today.

Chiropractors and Injuries


Chiropractors are often charged with the recovery of auto accident injuries.


When patients continue to have pain despite regular therapy engagement additional testing such as MRI’s are undertaken.  Soliciting the help of experienced orthopedic, spine, and injury specialists can be the missing link you need to properly review, diagnose, and provide definitive treatment options for recovery.

If you are currently receiving chiropractic services and wish to coordinate your care with Ortho Spine Life our office is available to assist. Call our Accident Injury Recovery Specialists now.