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Wound Care

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Wound care management is an ongoing treatment of a wound, by providing an appropriate environment for healing, by both direct and indirect methods, together with the prevention of skin breakdown. As injury specialists, Ortho Spine Life understands the importance of wound care management.

Accident injuries often yield unsightly skin lacerations, wounds, or post-operative care needs that without proper staging and management may lead to unsightly healing or worsening of scar formation.

What are the 5 principles of wound care?

• Wound assessment
• Wound cleansing
• Timely dressing change
• Selection of appropriate dressings
• Antibiotic use

What are best practices for healing?

• Fruits and vegetables daily
• Supplement vitamin A, copper, vitamin C, and zinc
• Keep wounds dressed
• Wounds heal faster if kept warm

There are many types of wound care methods. From antibacterial to bio-engineered dressing, wound care is performed onsite by our skilled staff and under the guidance of your physician. Red light therapy, which may promote healing may be used to accelerate and improve outcomes. Trust the team at Ortho Spine Life when it comes to your wound care needs.

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