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Back Pain

Everything you need to know

Fewer things can put you on the sidelines of your own life faster than back pain. At Ortho Spine Life, men and women have access to a dedicated team of medical professionals with extensive experience diagnosing and treating back pain. Schedule an appointment today for a thorough diagnostic workup and a customized treatment plan.

What are some common symptoms of back pain?

Back pain is incredibly common. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of missed time from work in America and across the world. Virtually everyone will experience back pain at one point or another, but severe or chronic back pain can be life altering for some.

Back pain can present various symptoms, including:

• Radiating pain
• Stabbing or shooting pain
• Muscle ache
• Pain that increases when standing, walking, bending, or lifting
• Pain that lessens when reclining

Back pain can range from mild to severe, and can be steady or intermittent.

What are some common causes of back pain?

Many cases of back pain are caused by spinal degeneration or the breakdown of spinal components over time. Some other common causes of back pain include:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Bulging or ruptured discs
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Ligament or muscle strain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Falls
  • Arthritis

How is back pain treated?

Using the most advanced options available should always be a part of your treatment plan. We are familiar with the latest innovation such as platelet rich plasma and other biologics used to treat painful discs and associated nerve problems.

Facet joint injections

At every point in your spine where two vertebrae meet there are associated facet joints. These joints have a hinge-like function and serve to link vertebrae and facilitate movement. When your facet joints are damaged due to injury, arthritis, or repeated stress, the pain
response can be intense. Facet joint injections deliver an anesthetic and/or steroid or other anti-inflammatory medication directly to the problematic joint that provides pain relief. Facet joint injections are also used to diagnose the exact source of pain. When the medication is administered to the problematic joint, relief is immediate.

Epidural injections

Epidural injections are a treatment option that relieves pain that extends from your lower back to your legs or from your cervical spine to your arms. This type of discomfort occurs when your spinal passages narrow, placing pressure on nerves and triggering pain. Traditional corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory agents work to reduce inflammation in the targeted areas ultimately relieving pain.


Our patients and practitioners alike have found improved outcomes with the use of these agents. There are many ways to treat back pain. To explore the possibilities, schedule a consultation with Ortho Spine Life today, either online or by phone.

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